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Hi and Welcome! My name is Brynn, and I am the sole owner/operator/editor/do everything else person who runs Tatting Digest!

I first want to say that I loved doing crochet for many years before I learned how to tat. I actually absolutely fell in LOVE with the look of tatting when I was a kid, and I never forgot about it, even though I didn’t try it for a long time after that.

I finally first learned how to tat with a needle about 10 or 12 years ago.

About a year after I learned how to tat with a needle, I decided I wanted to take on learning to tat with a shuttle, as I didn’t like the way the thread “transitioned” from ring to chain when I used a needle for tatting.

So, after a solid week of trying to learn the infamous “flip” required for shuttle tatting, I did finally learn it, more by accident than anything. I just kept trying and the flip started happening, at first just sporadically and by accident, then more often I found it happening, and then it finally “clicked” and I was off and running.

Learning the flip required for shuttle tatting was probably the most difficult thing I had ever tried, with any craft.

So anyway, I finally I “got it” and was able to do tatting on a shuttle.

For quite a few years now I have enjoyed shuttle tatting, and decided to start up a place for the tatting community out there to come together in one place, to share ideas, completed tatting projects, and much more!

The beauty of tatting, as far as I am concerned, is way above and beyond that of crochet, knitting, or any other craft I have ever done.

One thing that I really love is that once you have learned the art of tatting, patterns created by people in other countries, regardless of what language is spoken, are universal, making them able to be deciphered by anyone who knows how to tat!

I can’t tell you how many times my jaw has dropped when seeing a crochet pattern, for example, on Pinterest, that is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and unlike anything I have ever seen before, although when I click on the link to get to the pattern, I find out that someone in Russia created it and made a chart. With tatting, there isn’t that problem! With tatting, charts are as easy to read, if not easier, than a crochet chart (I myself don’t even know how to read a crochet chart).

I would like to thank  you for visiting, and do check back, as my plan is to add a free tatting pattern every day!