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How To Wind A Tatting Shuttle

If you are new to shuttle tatting, you will be happy to learn that winding thread onto a tatting shuttle is truly one of the most easy parts of shuttle tatting!

You can either purchase a tatting shuttle with a post in the center that has a hole in the middle, or if you wish, you can purchase one that has a removable bobbin. The following is a guide on how to wind the thread onto the shuttle.

Shuttles With a Post

Your tatting thread should be inserted through the hole in the middle of the post and through the middle of the post.

You can either tie the thread around the post in a square knot, or you can just hold the end of the thread in place while winding the thread.

You should stop winding the thread just before the wound thread reaches the outside blades of the shuttle.

Shuttles With Bobbins

You will need to remove the bobbin from the center of the shuttle in order to do this.

When you wind the thread around the center of the bobbin, you should either tie a square knot around the thread as you wind it around the bobbin, or hold the end down while winding it around the bobbin.

Make sure that you do not overwind too much thread onto the bobbin. There should be no thread overhanging the sides of the shuttle when the thread on the bobbin is wound.

The bobbin wound with thread should be placed back into the shuttle after it has been wound.

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