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How To Do A Double Stitch In Needle Tatting

Thread Your Tatting Needle First

If you are here reading this information, you likely are new to needle tatting and may need a refresher on how to get started, prior to learning double stitches, so here I provide a brief refresher on how to get your needle threaded and ready to go. For more detailed directions on how to get your tatting needle threaded, refer to my post here.

The first step in needle tatting is to thread your needle. Once you have it threaded and you have roughly 11 inches to 2 feet of tail, then you are ready to get started.

Proper Hand Positioning

Hold the tatting needle in your right hand as shown in the video, almost as if you are using a magic wand (envision a magic wand or a baton).

Of course, if you are left-handed like I am, you probably are accustomed to learning to do everything in tatting sort of “backwards.” All instructions for tatting at this site, however, do refer to right-handed people, since the majority of people are right-handed.

With your left hand, take the thread that runs to the ball and slide the tatting needle down the thread, leaving about a foot to two feet of tail.

At this point, use your bottom three fingers as a guide for your thread and close them over it, making almost a pistol shape with your left hand.

Once you have figured out this hand positioning, then you are ready to get started creating double stitches.

Do Your First Needle Tatted Double Stitch

Since it is called a double stitch, there is going to be two parts to it; thus the name “double” stitch.

The First Half Of The Needle Tatted Double Stitch

First, take your thread, the one that runs between the needle and your hand and wrap it around the needle in a clockwise motion once.

Once you have the first part of your double stitch started, which again, is wrapping the thread around your left index finger in a clockwise motion, bring your needle over and bring it from the base of your palm up and scoop that thread onto/around the needle.

Once it is on the needle, bring out your left index finger, and use your right index finger to hold it on the needle. Hold it still and secure it around the needle. This is the first part of your double stitch completed.

The Second Half Of The Needle Tatted Double Stitch

For the next step of your double stitch, the second (and last part of a double stitch), you will again be using your left hand index finger. This time, do a counter-clockwise motion around your left index finger.

Once you have it around your finger in a counter-clockwise motion, bend it over and go from your knuckle towards your fingernail, scooping that thread with the needle again.

Once the thread is around the needle, pull your left index finger out, and pull the second part of the double stitch so it is snug.

Pull together the two threads on the needle, and this is one complete double stitch that you have completed. Repeat the above steps the same way to complete your second double stitch, and continue adding double stitches as per the pattern you are tatting.

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