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Amazing 3D Tatted Flower!

Here is a FREE tatting pattern for this 3D tatted flower. This is a pattern that was originally posted on the geocities website; however, geocities is no longer existent on the Internet, so the pattern link below will direct you to the Internet archives website.

An inspiration for this flower came from a snowflake that the designer was tatting for the holidays as part of her holiday decorations.

She was attempting to join the snowflake in the middle in a different way; however, she wasn’t paying attention and made more repetitions than she was going to need.

After making the repetitions for a number of times, she twirled the petals into a flower once they were completed.

A stem can be attached to the flower by using some florist wire.

If you wish to make a smaller or larger bloom, simply adjust the number of motifs.

Here is the pattern link