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Amazing American Flag Tatting Pattern

Do you need some (or lots of) practice with split rings? Maybe you just really like to do split rings in your tatting!

Whichever the case may be, if so, this free tatting pattern is definitely one you will want to give a try! Although there are some standard rings within the pattern, the majority of the pattern is made up of split rings.

When Lizbeth Size 20 is used, a finished American Flag measures approximately 4-1/4 inches x 3-1/4 inches.

Multiple flags tatted with each affixed to a small dowel, then placed in a small vase, would make a wonderful 4th of July display!

Although the designer considers this project to be in the intermediate tatting level, to me this definitely is a more advanced pattern, requiring 2 shuttles or 2 needles to complete, as well as the knowledge of how to do split rings.

There are no written out instructions for this pattern, only a diagram, which is another aspect that makes it a more advanced pattern.

Here is the pattern link

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