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Beauteous Tatted Barefoot Sandals!

With summer not far around the corner, and if you are in between tatting projects (OR NOT!), now would be a great time to consider tatting a pair of these gorgeous barefoot sandals. The tatting pattern is free!

For this tatting pattern, you will need basic tatting experience including the double stitch(ds), picots(p), rings(r), chains(ch) and joining, and Josephine chains. This pattern also requires basic crochet skills. The tatting pattern is relatively easy to follow, but it is important to master these basic stitches before attempting it. Take your time and practice until you feel comfortable with the pattern.

If you can do the above, then you likely are sufficiently equipped with the tatting knowledge to tat these barefoot sandals, despite their complicated appearance! Enjoy the process and have fun! 

Tatting is a very rewarding hobby and a great way to express your creativity. With practice, you’ll be able to tat these patterns with ease and create something beautiful. Plus, you’ll be able to share your creations with others!

This pattern starts at the center with a clover, and works its way outward.

This design uses size 10 crochet cotton, a shuttle or a size 5 tatting needle, and a size 7 or 8 crochet hook.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: TotusMel at