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Beautiful Tatted Button Box!

Whether you love tatting with beads and/or with buttons, then this is the perfect free tatting pattern for you to try! It’s also a great pattern to try if you have never tatted with buttons or beads, in order to get some practice in!

One feature about this pattern that I absolutely love is that the designer, Jane Eborall, tells you in the pattern how much thread to wind on your shuttle for each round, which results in very minimal waste. If it is your first time giving this pattern a try, you might want to consider adding a small additional amount of thread than what is stated in the pattern, just to be sure you have enough thread for each round.

The pattern itself is actually quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of fancy tatting techniques. For this pattern, you will need to know how to do the following:

  • R = ring
  • Ch = chain
  • Cl = Close
  • RW = Reverse work
  • vsp = Very small picot
  • LBP = Long beaded picot
  • B = Bead
  • BBBB = Add 4 B to picot pulled through the buttonhole

For this project, the following projects are required:

  • 4-hole buttons measuring roughly ½ inch across
  • Shuttle
  • Size 20 thread
  • 22 seed beads
  • One Size 9 bead

Here is the free pattern link

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