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Bedazzling “Buddy Hearts” Patterns!

Here is an extensive collection of free tatting patterns for all of these beautiful hearts, designed by Muskaan of Tips Around The Home! This collection bundle of tatting patterns includes directions for tatting all six of the different hearts!

Each of these hearts is beautiful in itself and would be well worth tatting.

However, if you feel really ambitious and sufficient time allows, tatting each of these hearts and then arranging them into a heart shape within a picture frame would make an absolutely beautiful Valentine’s Display!

There are two different pattern versions for all of the different hearts within this display.

First, there is a single page pattern that just shows diagrams for all of the different hearts.

There is also a separate longer pattern that includes written out instructions for those of you who prefer tatting patterns that are written out!

I have included below links for both the short one-page version and the longer written out version.

Here is the pattern link for the one-page diagram

Here is the pattern link for the longer pattern with written instructions

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