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Clever Christmas Clover

This FREE tatting pattern can either be worked up into beautiful snowflake motifs, or you can go all-out and use the finished motifs to create one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments for your tree!

If you do decide to create Christmas ball ornaments with this motif, you will also need 3-inch satin balls. You could either glue the motifs to the satin balls, or get your hands on some straight pins that have decorative heads on them, for an extra added touch!

This pattern has written-out instructions, as well as a diagram for those of you who prefer a diagram.

Techniques needed for this pattern include the following:

  • Ring
  • Chain (including “long” chain)
  • Join
  • Picots including very small picots, small picots, and regular picots
  • Reverse work
  • Close

There are a total of just two rounds to completion of this pattern, although be forewarned that round 2 is very extensive.

This was originally a vintage tatting pattern that was adapted to modern-day instructions by Kendra Goodnow via hhtatting.

Here is the pattern link

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