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“Eggcellent” Easter Egg Tatting Pattern!

This free Easter egg tatting pattern mainly requires rings and chains, although there are two or three of the infamous self-closing mock rings (SCMR) thrown in there also! If you aren’t familiar with the SCMR technique, here is a video and tutorial for you to refer to.

This tatted Easter egg would make a great addition to a handmade Easter card!

With this pattern, you could also create a decorative piece for a hat, bag, T-shirt, or jeans. Have fun and experiment with different colors to get creative!

There is nothing more beautiful than a tatted Easter egg! You could even consider joining a few of these together for an incredibly stunning Easter doily!

Have a great Easter season with your loved ones. Share the joy and the beauty of handmade crafts! Enjoy the process of creating and make sure to have fun!

Here is the pattern link

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