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Eggcellent Tatted Egg Stand!

This particular pattern is located at a Slovakian site where you will need to use your browser “translate to English” feature. It was such a unique idea I just had to post it!

There are written instructions, as well as a diagram. The designer uses a “/” (slash) symbol as the symbol representing a picot, as well as “DU” to represent a double stitch and “picotka” to represent a picot in the written instructions. However, the diagram is very easy to understand if you are at all familiar with tatting diagram patterns.

Here is an excellent free tatting pattern for this beautiful tatted Easter egg stand! You could substitute real eggs with hollowed out eggs, or you could use some plastic egg-sized eggs.

In the written out pattern, the designer refers to the shuttle as a “boat.”

In order to create this incredibly clever Easter egg stand, the help of three larger beads is needed. A good size bead is 8mm or 10mm.

This technique is simple yet effective and allows you to craft a stand that is both eye-catching and unique.

In order to do this, you can either use a needle or a single shuttle.

This project is not complicated, even if you’re just starting out – it just takes a little practice. Other than the 3 beads, the only techniques needed are rings, chains, and picots. The beads are strung on your thread prior to beginning the tatting project, and are incorporated into the pattern as you tat.

Here is the pattern link (you will need to use your “translate to English” feature if not using the diagram)

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