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Fabulous Flowers and Butterflies Bookmark!

This particular free tatting pattern can only be found on the Internet Archive, so I thought I would bring it back into the live Internet world by posting a link to it here!

The Internet Archive is a great resource for preserving old and forgotten content that can no longer be found on the live Internet. By posting a link to the free tatting pattern, I’m helping to ensure that it remains accessible to people who want to use it.

The pattern calls for making three butterflies first and then creating the flowers thereafter, joining the flowers to the butterflies in the process of tatting. Of course, you could create more butterflies and flowers to end up with a bookmark that is longer, if desired. This is because the butterflies provide the structure and base to which the flowers will be attached, thus creating the bookmark. By having more butterflies, the bookmark can be made longer and more intricate.

You will notice in the pattern that picots are represented by dashes (-, –, —, and —-). This pattern calls for picots that are graduated in size, from smaller to larger. Therefore, one dash indicates the smallest picot, two dashes indicate a little bit larger picot, three dashes an even larger picot, etc.

Here is the pattern link

Pattern Designer: Sharon Albers