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Harmonious “Heartfelt Knots” Earrings!

Although for this free earring tatting pattern there is no written pattern for these earrings, and there is only a video, the video does include on the screen the written number of stitches for each part of these earrings. Having the written number of stitches on the screen in the video tutorial allows for easier reference and ensures that the viewer can easily keep track of their progress. This eliminates the need to pause and rewind the video repeatedly, making the pattern more accessible and user-friendly.

This tatting pattern is done in the video with a needle, although anyone with shuttle tatting experience will be able to easily convert the needle tatting instructions to shuttle tatting! The pattern is easy to memorize and after a few repetitions you will be able to complete it with confidence. The video includes detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions to make it easy for anyone to follow.

This would be a perfect pattern to consider if you are in need of a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, or just a last-minute gift for any other occasion during the year! This pattern would also be a great choice for birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a thoughtful handmade gift for a friend or coworker. The simplicity of the design and the clear instructions in the video make it accessible to tatters of all skill levels, ensuring a successful and beautiful finished product every time.

Here is the video. If the video below does not play on your device, click here to be directed to watch it on YouTube.

Image and Pattern Source: Helen’s Crafts on YouTube