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If You Are A Lucky Beginner…Beginner’s Doily!

This tatted doily is a wonderful creation of different techniques that includes four different sizes of picots! Although the designer who designed this doily named this particular doily with the title of “Beginner’s” doily, I don’t personally believe that it should be categorized as a beginner tatting pattern.

Not only does it require the knowledge of how to do a Josephine knot, a thrown ring, and a split ring, as well as a lock join, it also requires the use of two shuttles, and although a very brave beginning tatter might have the courage to try a two-shuttle pattern, it likely would be very difficult if one has not yet mastered the use of one shuttle!

However, if you are a beginning tatter who wants to expand your tatting techniques to the aforementioned ones noted above, this might just be the perfect beginner pattern for you to try! This pattern truly does introduce a beginning tatter to many new techniques, many of which it took me a long time to get up the nerve to even try!

Therefore, if you are somewhat a beginner and want to learn new skills, this could be the perfect project for you to try! Below I have included links, complete with videos, that will show you how to do all of the special techniques needed for this pattern, other than the picots.

If at first you try but don’t succeed, you could save your attempts and then give it another try. You likely will find that you progress very well and learn a ton of new skills in the process!

Here are links to other pages that show how to do a Josephine knot, a thrown ring, a split ring, and a lock join.

Josephine Knot: Learn how to do a Josephine knot here

Thrown Ring (also called a Floating Ring): Learn how to do a thrown ring here

Split Ring: Learn how to do a split ring here

Lock Join: Learn how to do a lock join here

Here is the pattern link

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