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Jaw-Dropping “Juliana” Doily!

The tatting pattern for this absolutely beautiful doily originated in Book 3 of the Frivolite series, published in 1952 by Eska (a publisher) in Utrecht.

Jane Eborall, a well-known tatter within the tatting community (a tatting celebrity, really!) has made a few alterations (particularly to round 9) to make the doily easier to work.

Throughout the project, two shuttles are used, along with Size 20 thread.

The finished doily measures 26 inches x 16 inches when worked in Size 20 thread.

Here is the original image of this doily that was in Book 3 of the Frivolite series. The other image (the one of the blue doily) featured in this post is Ms. Eborall’s image, and I have given her proper attribution below the link to this pattern.

Original Image of the Juliana Doily

Ms. Eborall did not assign a copyright notice for this doily, and she reports that instead she wanted to refer to the original designer, even though the translation, text and drawings are Ms. Eborall’s.

It is ALWAYS best to ensure that copyright is assigned to a designer of any yarn or thread work patterns. However, in this case, even through extensive research, all Jane Eborall was able to learn is that the designs in the book series were done by nuns living in a monastery in Amsterdam.

Ms. Eborall was very concerned about losing such a splendid doily pattern, and did not want it to disappear into oblivion. I really hope you enjoy this one!

Here is the pattern link

Images and Pattern Source: Jane Eborall