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Marvelous Mock Celtic Snowflake!

The free tatting pattern for this mock celtic snowflake, created/written by Jennifer Williams, works up into an incredibly unique snowflake tatting pattern!

The finished snowflake measures approximately 2-3/4 inches from point to point when Size 20 tatting thread is used. Feel free to use a larger thread, such as Size 10, if you prefer larger snowflakes, or if you are a beginning tatter. You could also, on the other hand, use a smaller thread for a smaller, daintier finished snowflake.

This is a 2-shuttle pattern, and the instructions include both written out directions and a diagram.

This one really appears to be much more difficult than it actually is. If you have never done any Celtic tatting before, this would be a good pattern to give your first try, as there is not any weaving like there is with most other Celtic tatting patterns!

Here is the pattern link

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