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Marvelous “My Heart Is In Canada” Tatted Heart!

Here is a link for this beautiful tatted/bead heart combo!  The heart is a symbol of love, and it’s the perfect way to show someone how much you care. It’s a unique and meaningful gift that will last forever.  

This heart would make a perfect gift for someone special! It’s intricate, unique, and sure to be treasured. 

The colors of the heart are totally up to you, and any combination of thread and bead colors will make it incredibly beautiful. 

This heart is sure to be a conversation starter and the perfect gift for someone special. The heart can be personalized with the recipient’s favorite colors, making it a unique and meaningful gift.

It’s a great way to show someone that you care and that they are special to you. The heart is sure to be a cherished keepsake that the recipient can cherish for years to come. 

For this pattern, you will need two shuttles, and Size 20 thread is recommended, although you could choose to use a larger or smaller thread, which would result in a larger or smaller heart. You will also need twelve Size 11 seed beads.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Jane Eborall