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Refreshing “Ring of Roses” Bookmark!

Here is a FREE tatting pattern for this gorgeous “Ring of Roses” bookmark, created by Jane Eborall, a well-known tatting pattern designer in the tatting niche!

For this pattern, you should know how to do the following tatting techniques:

  • SCMR (self-closing mock ring)
  • CH (chain)
  • CL (close)
  • RW (reverse work)
  • J (join)
  • SR (split ring)
  • SS (switch shuttles)
  • VSP (very small picot
  • P (longer picot)
  • SCH (split chain)
  • LBP (long-beaded picot)

One very handy thing that is included in this pattern is that for tatters who prefer to do front side/back side tatting, the pattern shows in italicized red text which parts of the pattern should be tatted in reverse as is done for back side tatting.

Size 20 tatting thread is recommended for this pattern.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Jane Eborall