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Scintillating “Snowflake 2008”

Designed by Ruth Perry in 2008, this is a timeless FREE tatting pattern that definitely does not lose its beauty, no matter how much time passes!

You can make this delicate Celtic snowflake very quickly and easily by following a few simple steps. Those who are just starting out should tat the center ring first, and then tat the middle row and the outside rows separately.

By tatting two split rings to go from the middle round to the outside round, a continuous piece of work can be created without any ends to hide. You can use the ends of the snowflake as a loop to hang it as an ornament or to sew it onto clothing.

This particular pattern has very easy to remember stitch counts, and once you have tatted a couple of these beautiful snowflakes, you likely will be able to tat more of them without even going back to the pattern directions!

In order for this snowflake to look good, it is very important that the tension is maintained. Every few stitches, press the stitches together so that the chains are curved in the way you see in the image of this snowflake. You may need to use a binder clip or hair clip to keep the points of the snowflake in place while the outer row is being tatted if your tatting is a little loose.

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