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Scintillating “Snowflake Fun” Free Tatting Pattern!

The FREE tatting pattern for this beautiful snowflake is an adaptation of a vintage pattern that was done by Kendra Goodnow, who then made the adapted pattern available on the Handy Hands website.

Many tatting patterns that are considered “vintage” were created many years ago, perhaps in the 1800’s or the early- to mid-1900’s. Tatting methods and techniques published back then can sometimes be extremely difficult for today’s modern tatter to understand, due to unfamiliar, outdated terms and techniques.

An “adaptation” is when a modern-day tatter takes a vintage tatting pattern originally published many years ago, and recreates basically the same pattern using terms and techniques that are familiar to modern-day tatting loves. These outdated patterns are generally outside of copyright laws, making them perfect for adaptation without breaking any copyright laws.

There is a diagram/chart available for this pattern, as well as a written out pattern, at the link below.

Additionally, this pattern requires just 1 shuttle and 1 ball, and there are also brief instructions for tatting this snowflake up with a tatting needle.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: