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Tantalizing Tatted 3D Rose!

Here is a free tatting pattern for this gorgeous 3D tatted rose, complete with stem, large and small leaves, and a sepal (flower back)!

A problem that most of us tatters have run into at one time or another is the dang “cupping up” of a doily or other item, rather than it lying flat. No problem with this one…pull your chains as tight as you wish, because in this particular project, the petals are meant to not lie flat. Yayyyy!

This is a two-shuttle tatting project that was done by the creator with Size 20 thread. You will also need the following:

Pink or red, darker and lighter greens, and yellow tatting threads (the yellow is for the center of the rose)

You will also need plastic curtain ring measuring 1/2 to 5/8 inch in diameter

A 3/8-inch white or yellow button with a shank

About 70 pale yellow size 11 beads

Gauge 22 or 24 green florist’s wires

A small amount of florist’s tape or masking tape

A needle with a large eye for stringing the seed beads

This tatting pattern is pretty straightforward and consists mainly of just rings, chains, and picots. There is a self-closing mock ring also used for the sepal (back) of the flower. If you are unsure how to do a SCMR, here is a link to a great video you can check out that will show you how to do a SCMR.

Here is the pattern link

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