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Tantalizing “Twirly” Doily!

This free tatting pattern was designed by Jane Eborall clear back in 2013, although the beauty of this doily is definitely timeless!

You can get a pretty good sized doily with Size 20 or 10 thread. She tatted it with Size 80 and came up with a finished doily measuring 5-1/2 inches in diameter.

The techniques used in this pattern include the following:

  • R ring
  • Ch chain
  • Vsp Very small picot – or p picot
  • Cl close
  • RW Reverse work
  • SR Split ring
  • SS Switch shuttles
  • T & C Tie and cut
  • SCh Split chain
  • SLT Shoe lace trick
  • Vsfp Very small false picot (really a small space)

This is a tatting project that requires 2 shuttles. You can avoid the split chain by cutting and tying.

This pattern is color-coded so that front side/back side tatters will know which sections require front side and those that require back side tatting.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Jane Eborall