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Tatted Lace Christmas Ornament! (Video and Written Pattern)

Here is a great Christmas ornament tatting pattern that is not only free, it is also actually much simpler than it appears to be!

There are a total of three elements/components that make up the finished ornament, and each of the three components is tatted up separately, then joined together to assemble the ornament around a glass or plastic ball ornament.

Here is the video below, and I have posted a link to written instructions near the end of this post.

The above video is very helpful at showing you how to assemble the three components together, and the written pattern shows you the number of ds, p, rings, and chains needed for this project.

This truly is a beginner pattern that requires just one shuttle and one ball, and although it is a beginner pattern, the end result is truly spectacular! I hope you give this one a try!

You can find boxes of the clear glass ornaments at The Dollar Store.

Here is the pattern link

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