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Teensy-Weensy Tiny Snowflakes!

Here is a free tatting pattern for these tiny snowflakes, courtesy of J. Paulson of!

Do be forewarned that these tiny snowflakes can be somewhat fiddly when you are tatting them because of their small size, but they make a wonderful accompaniment to any larger snowflakes you have on hand.

Even if you are an experienced tatter, it’s probably best if you use a larger thread, such as Size 20 or 10, for these. Smaller thread would make completing them very difficult.

Each tiny snowflake requires only approximately 1/2 meter (about 19-1/2 inches) of thread, so it makes great use of any small pieces of thread you have that you thought you would never be able to use for anything.

The designer of these snowflakes gives instructions for starting the middle of the snowflake with a self-closing mock ring (SCMR), as well as just doing a normal ring. If you don’t yet know how to do a SCMR, I would highly recommend you try these snowflakes with a normal ring. If you are interested in learning how to do a SCMR, here is a link to a great video tutorial.

Blocking these tiny snowflakes is highly recommended, to bring the larger picots to points at the end. Without blocking, the larger picots are rounded and much of the snowflake effect is lost.

Here is the pattern link

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