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Terrific “Tat Three” Tatted Doily!

This free tatting pattern is on the Internet archive and was created by Rosemarie Peel in 1999. Just to save this pattern from getting lost in the “shuffle,” I decided to bring this pattern back to life via this site!

When Size 20 thread is used, you will end up with a doily measuring approximately 12 inches in diameter.

Although Ms. Peel designed this project to be placed under a plant pot, with the outside “frillies” only showing, this doily would also be spectacular placed virtually anywhere as just a normal doily!

The pattern is written out in conventional, individual tatting rounds, although more experienced tatters can make use of split rings and bridged chains to climb up into the next round, thus avoiding some of the cutting, tying, and end hiding!

This pattern is tatted with one shuttle and one ball using the continuous thread method. The only needed techniques include ring, chain, lock join, two sizes of picots, and reverse work, so it truly makes a great pattern for a beginning tatter to try!

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Web Archive