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Terrific Tatted Heart! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

It is difficult to impossible to have enough free heart tatting patterns! They are normally very quick to complete and can be used in a variety of different ways!

The designer has classified this tatting pattern into the beginner-intermediate level. You will need to know how to do rings, chains, picots, joins, and lock joins to tat this pattern.

You will also need to know how to tat with two shuttles, using the continuous thread method. Instructions are provided within the pattern that will show you how to do a lock join, as well as provide an estimate of how much Size 40 thread you need wound onto each of the two shuttles, in order to complete one heart tatted project.

When Size 40 thread is used, a finished heart measures approximately 2 inches (7 cm) in diameter.

There are just 3 rounds total required for this tatted heart! There are both written out instructions, and a diagram for those of you who prefer diagrams.

Here is the pattern link

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