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Terrific Ten-Point Tatted Snowflake!

Here is a FREE tatting pattern for this “Ten-Point Tatted Snowflake” designed by Nancy Tracy of!

Although this pattern primarily requires 1 shuttle and 1 ball, the designer has placed this pattern into the intermediate level of tatting, which I assume is due to the need to know the “shoelace trick” for this pattern. Other than the shoelace truck, the pattern is simply made up of rings, chains, and picots.

The designer has noted within the pattern that the shoelace trick tends to make the tatting twist somewhat, although the use of two shuttles, rather than one, will allow you to avoid the shoelace trick. If you don’t know how to do the shoelace trick, here is a video that will walk you through this process.

There are only two rounds total to completion of this snowflake, so it definitely fits into the quick to completion category!

Here is the pattern link

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