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Thrillworthy 3D Tatted Bell!

The FREE tatting pattern for this gorgeous 3D tatted bell was designed by Jane Eborall, who is notorious for her many beautiful designs!

For this pattern, knowledge of techniques including the split ring and how to use 2 shuttles is also required.

Another technique that would be handy to know for this pattern is using seed beads, and although beads to create a wonderful end result, you could technically work this one up without beads, so feel free to give that a try also! Size 11/0 seed beads are recommended for this project.

You will need a total of 48 seed beads – 40 of the beads are strung onto shuttle #2 before starting to tat the project, and the other 8 beads should be strung onto shuttle #1, prior to starting the project.

There is a total of 5 rounds for the bell itself, and then instructions for a “clanger” that hangs inside the bell are also included as part of the pattern!

A bunch of these charming bells would be spectacular hung on a Christmas tree, or strung onto a string for a mantel garland.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Jane Eborall