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Timeless Three-Dimensional Christmas Bell!

The rows/rounds of this 3D tatted Christmas Bell are all done with one shuttle and one ball, and all rounds use the continuous thread technique, so there is no need to deal with using two shuttles at once for this pattern! This pattern was designed by Jennifer Williams of!

Techniques required for this pattern include the following:

  • R – Ring
  • Cl – Close ring
  • Ch – Chain
  • RW – Reverse work
  • SJ – Shuttle join
  • + – Regular join
  • SCMR – Self-closing mock ring
  • VSP – Very small picot
  • J – Join

This pattern even provides instructions for creating a “clapper” to dangle inside the bell, and a bow on top provides a beautiful finish to the project, although even without a bow these bells are absolutely beautiful! No Christmas is truly complete without some of these beautiful bells!

Here is the pattern link

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