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Beauteous Bracelet

By omitting the beads and the bracelet fastening, as well as by adding a tassel to the end of this bracelet pattern, it is also possible to make it into a bookmark. This lovely bracelet was created by Jennifer Williams of Cariad Tatting.

A single strip is worked in the first row and it is not joined until the second row is worked.

The first row consists of ordinary rings and lock chains.

A short chain is used for the lock chain at the ‘ends’ of the bracelet, while the longer chain is used for the rest of the bracelet.

When working with the lock chains, you need to take care to ensure that that all of them (except those at the ends) are of the same size.

Materials and Tools Needed

This pattern is for the construction of a bracelet, which measures approximately 7-1/2 inches (19 cm) plus the fastenings at the end of the bracelet.

Materials and tools needed include the following:

  • Size 20 thread
  • A bracelet fastening
  • 128 size 11 seed beads
  • A fine 04 crochet hook (for adding the beads)
  • A safety pin (or paper clip)
  • The usual tatting equipment.

Here is the pattern

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