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Beautiful “Basket of Flowers” Tatting Pattern!

Here is a free tatting pattern for this “Basket of flowers” project!

Any colors work well for this project.

As shown in the images below, you could either use many different colors like the picture on the left, or you could go with a seasonal color theme like the red, white and blue one featured in the image below on the right!

There are many different choices you have for creating various stunning wall hangings.

You could also make more flowers than the pattern calls for, and then very easily increase the size of the basket.

The flowers themselves are a great way for you to use up those spare shuttles that have just a small amount of tatting thread on them!

Complete instructions are provided for tatting the flower basket, the flowers themselves, and a cute butterfly.

There aren’t really any instructions regarding what type of backing to use.

Any piece of solid color fabric would work really well, or you could even affix the elements to a standard 8″ x 11″ piece of construction paper or printer paper.

If you did decide to use a piece of paper, it is highly recommended that you acquire a glass-front frame to enclose the finished project within.

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source: Cariad Tatting

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