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Beautiful Oval Mat! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

The FREE tatting pattern for this beautiful oval mat gives you the opportunity to create a stunning mat! There are a total of 3 rounds to completion.

For this pattern, you will need to use two shuttles, and the recommended thread size is 20. You could also use Size 10 for a larger mat.

Any color would work very well for this one!

Stitches and techniques you will need to know how to do will include ring, picot, chain, and lock chain. You will also, of course, need to know how to reverse work and swap shuttles.

When doing this one, please make sure to read the pattern after winding your shuttles, as rows/rounds 1 and 3 instruct you NOT to cut the thread after winding.

You will see the image of this pink mat on the page that the pattern link below takes you to. Simply click on the image of the pink mat after you get there, and you will immediately be directed to the pattern. The pattern itself is very clear and easy to read! The image of the pink mat is the third image down near the right-hand side.

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source:

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