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Charming Challenge Snowflake! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

The FREE tatting pattern for this Challenge Snowflake gives you the ability to end up with an absolutely stunning tatted snowflake. It’s a great tatting pattern for advanced tatters who know a lot of different techniques, and it is also great for tatters who are not so experienced, as it calls for a wide variety of different techniques, for which there are instructions provided. I see this pattern as actually being a classroom of knowledge all in itself if you want to up your knowledge of different techniques.

You can choose to download a free printable pdf that has less detailed instructions, for more advanced tatters, or you can choose to use the incredibly detailed instructions on the web page itself if you are a less experienced tatter and maybe don’t know all of the techniques required. The web page itself includes detailed pictures of each round of the snowflake, step by step.

This is a somewhat advanced tatting pattern that requires a tatter to know all of the following stitches/techniques:

  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Picots
  • Joins
  • Lock joins
  • Thrown rings (floating rings)
  • Split rings
  • Joining to the second side of a split ring
  • Self-closing mock rings (SCMR)
  • Josephine knots
  • Self closing mock Josephine knots
  • Balanced double stitches
  • Use of a picot gauge

This pattern requires 2 shuttles, and the continuous thread method is used. The author suggests that 240 full wraps be wound onto shuttle #1, and 75 full wraps on shuttle #2. This tip is very helpful for saving thread!

One thing that absolutely needs to be pointed out is that after round 2 has been finished, you will notice some cupping. However, don’t worry about that, because the next 3rd round helps to get everything flattened out again.

Happy Tatting!

Here is the pattern

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