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Charming Christmas Tree! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

The FREE tatting pattern for this tatted Christmas tree is not only beautiful, it’s also useful in a variety of ways!

Use it as a tree ornament, as an embellishment on a wrapped Christmas gift, or on a shirt or sweater!

If you have experience adding seed beads to your tatting, you could also add those onto your thread, which would really make the finished tree POP!

This pattern requires only one shuttle, and is deemed to be in the beginner level.

Stitches that you will need to know to do this project include double stitch, picot, ring, join, lock join, and chain.

The pattern is handwritten out, although there is also a very easy-to-read chart included at the bottom of the pattern for those of you who prefer charts.

Here is the pattern

Image & Pattern Source: Be-Stitched

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