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Christmas Wreath Lapel Pin Free Tatting Pattern

Here is a Christmas tatting pattern that is the perfect size to wear as a lapel pin this holiday season! Simply affix/sew a lapel pin to the back of the wreath, available at your local hobby or craft store, and you are good to go!

You can also use this wreath for embellishing handmade Christmas cards.

The tatting tutorial is short and sweet, and can be worked up in virtually just a very little amount of time.

The wreath is first created to completion, and then the separate red “holly berries” are each completed afterward. Although the actual pattern suggests gluing the holly berries to the wreath, I prefer to simple sew them on for a more secure finished wreath.

The instructions for the bow are not included in the pattern, although a short piece of satin ribbon that is 1/8 inch wide, tied into a bow, would work great! I also highly recommend, if you plan on adding the bow, that you sew, rather than glue, the bow onto the wreath.

Here is the pattern link

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