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Crazily Pretty Coronet Doily!! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

Here is an outrageously gorgeous FREE tatting pattern for this Coronet Doily! Its beauty truly cannot be beaten!

Although the use of pink and green as shown in the featured image is absolutely stunning, there are a TON of other color combinations that would also work just as well!

The free pattern also includes lots of close-ups of different areas of the doily, which greatly helps clarify the steps if you are having a little trouble following the pattern for some reason. However, the pattern is very clear, so you shouldn’t have any problem.

For this pattern, split chains and split rings are used in order to avoid having to cut and tie at the end of each row, although if you are not familiar with doing split rings and split chains, you can either reference my guide here or you can simply do a cut and tie-off at the end of each row.

This truly is a very stunning pattern than will make a beautiful addition to any room in any home! It would also make a wonderful, forever cherished, gift to a special friend!

Here is the pattern

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