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Elegant Tatted Earrings! (FREE Pattern)

Because this free tatted earring pattern requires split rings, you will need to use 2 shuttles to create these earrings.

If you aren’t familiar with doing split rings, here is a great article that will show you how to do them.

This actually is a great pattern to try if you don’t know split rings, because it will give you the opportunity to practice them, and once you have learned them, not only will you have acquired the additional knowledge of a new technique, you will be able to create a pair of these elegant earrings!

Techniques utilized for this pattern include the following:

  • Ring
  • Chain
  • Picot
  • Split Ring

Instructions for this pattern are written out in row form, although there is no diagram.

For this pattern, you will also, of course, need ear wires.

Here is the pattern.

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