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Eye-Popping Christmas Ornament! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

This FREE tatting pattern has no chart/diagram, and instead has only written out instructions.

The written out instructions are, however, very easy to understand if you have any experience tatting.

This Christmas ornament pattern is written for a ball that is 2 inches in diameter. You will also need one shuttle, a ball of thread, and a #24 or #26 tapestry needle.

No need to worry about getting the long thread lengths the correct length with this one, because the pattern involves doing two separate halves and then attaching them together on the outside of the Christmas ball, which ensures a nice, snug fit over the Christmas ornament!

I felt very fortunate to find this pattern for free, as most of the Christmas ornament tatting patterns are paid ones.

Additionally, this pattern can be adapted to any size Christmas ball. You may need to make adjustments regarding the number of picots or rings that need to be done, but this pattern truly is very easily adaptable to any size!

I hope you get a chance to do some of these, because they would look truly spectacular on a Christmas tree!

Here is the pattern

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