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Fabulous Fandango Cross! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

Here is a FREE tatting pattern of the Fandango cross, created by Jane Eborall!

With Size 40 thread, the cross will measure 7 inches.

Techniques needed for this project include:

  • R: Ring
  • Ch: Chain
  • RW: Reverse Work
  • SR: Split Ring
  • VSP: Very Small Picot
  • CL: Close
  • SS: Switch Shuttles
  • DNRW: Do Not Reverse Work
  • FP: False Picot

For this pattern, you will need to know how to use two shuttles and two colors of thread.

The pattern for this tatted project is very clearly and concisely written out step by step, and there is also a wonderfully diagrammed chart.

There are many different color combinations that would work wonderfully for this project!

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source:

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