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Fantabulous 34 Hearts! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

This particular pattern is in the web archives, but I definitely wanted to include it somewhere other than the archives so it would stay around, because so many of us absolutely love any kind of heart tatting pattern out there!

This is a great pattern for even a beginning tatter to try, as it just requires one shuttle and one ball, so no two-shuttle stuff required for this one!

The name of the pattern, 34 Hearts, was developed based on the total of 33 hearts that comprise the heart itself. The project, when completed, makes up the finished 34th heart!

When finished, the heart measures 3.25 inches across and 3 inches top to bottom worked in Size 20 thread, as well as half an inch bigger each way when Size 10 thread is used.

Either size makes it perfect for a Valentine’s Day card insert! These hearts could also be used to decorate a Valentine’s Day tree of branches with an imitation branch from your local hobby store.

This pattern was designed and tatted by Emma Crew for the Valentine heart exchange, February 2001.

Here is the pattern

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