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Fantastic “Snowflake or Flower” Tatting Pattern!

Here is another free tatting pattern for this gorgeous picot-filled snowflake (or flower), courtesy of Jennifer Williams of Cariad Tatting.

Among finished tatting projects, my personal favorite has always been projects that have many decorative picots that are larger than normal, and this particular project fits the bill very well!

This pattern has very thorough written instructions, as well as an easy-to-read diagram. Two shuttles using the continuous thread method is used for this pattern.

The use of six Size 9 or 10 seed beads is also part of this pattern, although if you have some tatting experience, you could probably omit the beads and still get a wonderful finished tatted snowflake!

Techniques Required:

  • R = ring
  • P = picot (using a paper clip picot gauge)
  • MP = medium picot (using a cocktail stick picot gauge)
  • CL = close ring
  • RW = reverse work
  • CH = Chain
  • D = first half of the stitch, S = second half of the stitch
  • B = bead
  • + = join,
  • CTM = continuous thread method
  • SR = split ring (/ indicates where to swap shuttles and use shuttle 2)

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source:

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