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Heartwarming “Heartland” Snowflake! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

Here is a FREE tatting pattern for this spectacular “Heartland” Snowflake, which has all of the accompanying hearts as shown in the featured image.

These “snowflakes” would make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day tree with the purchase of a fake tree branch item at your local hobby/craft store!

This can either be tatted in a continuous manner (without cutting) or you can choose to cut and attach different parts to the snowflake, your choice! Instructions are provided for both ways, so choose the way that you prefer. I prefer to do the continuous method, just because I absolutely hate hiding all of the ends where cuts are made in tatting patterns!

With Size 40 thread, the finished snowflake will measure approximately 2.75 inches (7 centimeters).

Two shuttles are required for this tatting project.

Techniques you will need to know for this one include:

  • Dimpled ring (instructions link provided at the site)
  • Very small picot
  • Small picot
  • Picot
  • Long picot
  • Join
  • Reverse work
  • Chain
  • Single-shuttle split ring
  • Ring
  • Mock picot

Please enjoy this project if you get a chance! I look forward to seeing your finished Heartland Snowflakes pictures here!

Here is the pattern

Image & Pattern Source:

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