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Incredibly Christmassy “Trinka” Angel!

Here is a gorgeous free tatting pattern created by Terry “the Tatter” McGuffin in 2002!

This pattern is currently in the web archive, but I felt it was well-worth bringing back into the live, current Internet!

This project requires two shuttles and the continuous thread method.

The finished size of the angel when Size 50 thread is used is 4 inches tall x 3 inches from wing tip to wing tip.

Techniques and knowledge needed for this tatting project include very small picot, switch shuttles, reverse work, false picot, self-closing mock ring, join to last picot of previous ring, join to last picot of previous chain, and instructions within brackets [ ] that must be followed by switching shuttles.

There are both a diagram/chart of this pattern, as well as written out instructions.

Here is the pattern

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