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Pointed Snowflake with Double Picots!

Here is a FREE tatting pattern for this gorgeous snowflake that has double picots on each point! This is a great pattern for practicing the sizes of your picots, if you feel you need more practice.

I have classified this pattern as being in the “easy” category, as it requires just one shuttle and one ball.

It is really easy to make the double picot. I would describe this as a large picot that you join into again a little farther along in the tatting process. I have found that using a “down join” for these works quite well, followed by the second half of a double stitch to complete the join, but you can make a normal picot join in any way you like (a join that slides!) once you understand how it works. In order to adjust the way the two parts look together, you can slide the double picot in its joining part.

You will notice that the ring at the tip is not a “floating” ring. As you can see, there is one main difference between a floating ring and the one at the end of this snowflake design, and that is this:

In order to preserve the rounded curve for the chain as it passes through the floating ring, the “ball thread” would be wound onto a second shuttle. There was only one shuttle used in this design since the creator wanted the pointed shape, so only one shuttle was used.

Using Lizbeth size 40, when the finished snowflake is made, it measures just a bit more than 2 inches (5 cm) across. It is important to note that the finished size will vary depending on the thread size used, and the tension at which each individual works.

Here is the pattern link

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