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Pretty Picot Square Motif! (Free Diagram!)

Here is a free tatting pattern for this picot square motif, brought to you courtesy of LillianTatlace (her instagram account)!

A number of these square motifs joined together would make a beautiful table runner, or you could just decide to join 4 of these square motifs to make a larger square, which would make an outstanding coaster to be used under a glass on a table top!

For those of you who prefer written instructions, there are none available for this pattern. There is only a diagram, although the diagram does make it pretty simple to understand, so this diagram pattern would be great for even a beginner to try who hasn’t before tried a diagram pattern.

This pattern is also a great one for beginners who need practice making picots, as there are TONS of picots to do with this pattern!

Here is the pattern link

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