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Quick and Easy Tatted Scallops Edging Free Tatting Pattern!

In this particular tatted edge pattern, the creator wanted to create an edge that is made up of scallops, and no attachments are made except at the top of the scallop. It is a fun project to stitch, and it is also very quick. It is a fun project to stitch, and I hope that you enjoy it.

Two shuttles are used in this pattern, and this is a pattern for intermediate beginners. Because there is a little ring at the top of every scallop, it requires two shuttles. Although it is possible to do this by using the shoelace trick, it is not recommended since there is nothing else holding the little ring straight; it will twist and turn.

When stitched with size 40 thread, Lizbeth White Color 601 size 40 edging is approximately 1.75 inches (5 cm) in height and about 2-1/4 inches (7 cm) wide each time that each repeat is stitched.

There is a pattern available for download as a PDF file, which can be read using Adobe Reader.

The following will be needed:

The thread of your choice in the size and color of your choice.
Your choice of 2 tatting shuttles or a tatting needle

Stitches used include double stitch, picot, join, and lock join.

There is a free downloadable/printable pdf file available, and the entire pattern is also provided on the webpage at the link below.

Additionally, for those of you who prefer a chart/diagram, one of those is also included!

I truly hope you will give this beautiful project a try! It makes a great edging for virtually anything that could benefit from having an edging added.

Here is the free pattern link

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