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Ravishing “Raindrops” Doily! (Free Tatting Pattern)

First off…this particular pattern does not have a written out pattern, and instead has only a diagram. Those of you who prefer a written out pattern could, of course, write out your own version of the pattern for your own personal use. It’s not legal for me to do so to display online, however.

The pattern is actually two patterns in one – you could choose to make the smaller (gold) one, which when done measures approximately 2.6 inches in diameter when Size 20 thread is used. Or you could choose to tat up the larger (white) one, which measures about 4-1/2 inches when completed.

Both the large one and the small one would make beautiful snowflakes!

Two shuttles are required for this project.

Here is the pattern link

Image and Pattern Source: Erika Tashiro

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