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Ravishing “Raindrops” Tatted Doily! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

Although this finished tatted doily measures only 4.3 inches when Size 80 thread is used, it luckily would be somewhat larger with Size 20 or 10 thread!

If you truly wanted a much larger doily, you could tat up several of these and join them via the small picots that are on the outside of the final (outside) round.

This pattern requires the use of two shuttles and, as stated above, Size 80 thread is recommended, although I feel that Size 20 would work great and you would end up with a somewhat larger doily.

There is also the option of just tatting the first three rounds for a smaller finished motif of 2.6 inches when Size 80 thread is used. These smaller ones would make beautiful snowflakes for the Holiday Season.

You will need to use your translate option for this pattern, as this pattern comes to us from Asia. There is, however, a completely readable standard chart/diagram when you get to the pattern page.

Here is the pattern

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