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Romantic Rosemarie’s Heart!

The reason I have included this in the baskets/containers area is because you can create two of these hearts and join them together to make a little basket!

Rosemarie Peel designed this beautiful FREE tatted heart pattern during 2007, and it’s definitely a keeper!

This tatted heart would make a great applique for a Valentine’s Day card, and would also work well on fabric, whether it be a facemask adornment, collar adornment, or even on denim jeans.

The pattern also includes the option to include beads on the last round, and instructions for that are also included!

There are also instructions included for adding a “handle” to the heart, which basically turns it into a mini heart basket.

Instructions are also included for creating a larger heart by repeating the second row.

You could also consider tatting up two hearts that are identical in size and then attaching them together around the sides, which would create a basket of sorts into which you could place Valentine candies.

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source:

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