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Simple But Beautiful Pearl Cross Bookmark

The pattern for this Pearl Cross Bookmark is a very quick and easy project that even a beginner will have fun with! There are very few picots in this pattern, but it still somehow ends up being beautiful.

The pattern was originally created by Dianna Stevens, and she originally presented this tatting pattern in her book titled Tatterly’s Delight.

Although Ms. Stevens uses the word “crochet” rather than “tat” in her instructions, this clearly is a tatting pattern, so please disregard the reference to crochet.

Ms. Stevens no longer has her website online, although the pattern can be accessed via the link below, which will take you to the web archive, a place online where archives of virtually all websites are stored.

The pattern suggests Size 20 thread. It also suggests a Size 14 crochet hook, although again, please disregard this suggestion. Tat the instructions as they are written, with either a shuttle or tatting needle. The references to crochet are confusing, because this pattern is clearly a tatting pattern, not a crochet pattern.

I would absolutely love to see a picture of this if you get one completed! Please feel free to post one in the comments section below.

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source: Diana Stevens

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